La Cristian Tex s.r.l.

CRISTIAN TEXT S.R.L. is an Italian company which has more than 40 years of business history.

Our company makes high quality shirts which are appreciated in Italy and all over the world.

Our company is also present at “PITTY”, the Italian fashion fair that takes place every year in Florence.

All collections are designed by Italian designers who are always looking for an updated design which could anticipate the market trends.

Our exclusively tailored shirts are the result of a careful choice of first quality fabrics, our attention for particular details, our respect for tradition as well as for the Italian shirt making culture.

The company has many foreign customers, in Europe, America (USA and Canada), South-East Asia .

Cristian tex makes different lines of shirts: classic shirts, sport shirts and formal shirts in different kinds of fabric, colour and size.

All products are Made in Italy. Our garments include hand made shirts, semi-sartorial shirts and also industrial manufacturing shirts, it depends on the customers needs and requests, as well as their taste.

Our brands are: Reddie, Nino Cristiani (both are registered in Italy) and Cristiani (registered both in Italy and in China).

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